02 June 2011


Rumors, Greece gives the dossier islands. Sold to fund the deficit against Thursday 02/06/2011 12:10 still protests Greece 4
The representatives of the EU, IMF and ECB are about to conclude their investigation (presumably tomorrow) on the condition of public finances in Greece and then Germany will decide what to do about a new aid package (Angela Merkel expected to know the intentions of the troika International before raising the blade green).
Granted that will be given a green light to the fifth tranche of € 12 billion total from the first loan granted 110 billion a year ago, is becoming increasingly popular because the idea that Brussels to grant another 60 billion in aid by the end of June to meet the financial requirements for the biennium 2012-2013. An effort to be followed by the rapid implementation by the government of George Papandreou of the privatization program of 50 billion. Disposal plan in which Athens is now inevitable that sells some of its islands. Hypothesis (advanced provocatively in the German press), which until last year was rejected with indignation by the same person in the first Socialist premier.


  1. I wonder, all such rumors have at least a piece of truth...

  2. What says the people who live on the island?? Example Assume - Greece sells the island of Crete. Hah, the Cretan rising rebellion. all the Greeks. to whom it sold .. The EU, the Bank? Poor thing .. I think that they have enough other assets .. I believe that Greece will rise and pay kasikki loans, unless there is something natural disaster .. while it is quite another thing to face who and what the country of any

  3. Nodding my head in agreement with all the comments above.

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