19 February 2010


The school is the foundation for an integration of peoples.

Forget my face. As I write, look in the mirror. I am a student, a worker, a pensioner, an unemployed and are certainly honest. My education is based on humility and respect. I respect those around you, whether poorer or richer, luckier or more unlucky, more beautiful or more ugly. The rules, is the easiest and those more difficult to meet. Always measured as a function of the effect my actions that cause others. But I have met? Maybe people like me have no difficulty thinking like me, but maybe not enough to be a common man to forget how to live in a society. It almost seems to be a man of power can afford to issue new behavior is completely distant from the principles handed down over centuries and sometimes defended with their lives. Can the power trample? You can also tell me about it: then I will not understand but to reluctantly accept that this society has changed, but if the majority of its members think like me, then we must defend it, because it means defending our dignity.


  1. bellissima foto...ciao marinella

  2. Oh yes, that's it!

    Magnificent shot!

  3. buen blog ...felicidades y buenos dias desde España

  4. A parte che la musica che ascolti è una merda... ma te potesse casca il cazzo dentro un tombì aperto!! Le palle no, tanto non ce le hai...