17 September 2009


In the  Lake in the park, close to my house, near  the mouth to the river Esino to see nest these beautiful birds famyli of "PELECANIFORMI" Phalacrocorax carbo. His pose still is  calling the placement of  arms araldico. Il long-tailed Cormorant (Phalacrocorax africanus) was already known at the time of the civilization 'of the Egyptians, was represented in hieroglyphs, in erect posture, with closed wings, his body
turning left was present on the river Nile, with flamingos, ibis and Jacana. For many years it was felt that this position characteristic was a ploy to wipe her wings, but also because the cormorant's feathers are made so as to escape quickly the air and then swim swiftly underwater. Today has been proposed ' other theory, according to which the birds in this position
Heat the fish just swallowed to aid digestion.
The prey, in fact, can be large in relation to the animal and, therefore, very cool. In Oriental countries the Cormorant is tamed by the fishermen who, after having
applied a ring on his neck that prevents him from swallowing the fish caught, led him to fish on their behalf. After reproducing the prey to the boat the fisherman loosen the noose, allowing the cormorant eating a fish caught every five - six, as. a partially migratory species, sedentary and dispersing it winters along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, rivers, attending in the slow lane, the mouths of estuaries, lagoons and
lakes also very limited.


  1. That is a beautiful picture! You did such a wonderful job of capturing the bird in mid flight against the blue, glassy water.

    I looked at a few of your other posts. You have some wonderful pictures. I love the window of the house in the forest.

  2. Beutiful picture. Nice write-up.

  3. Fotos magníficas en este blog. Ha captado al ave en pleno vuelo y no es fácil cuadrar la foto tampoco. Enhorabuena. Gracias por visitar mi blog. Un saludo.

  4. Lovely picture, the contrast of the black against the blue water is stunning and your narrative is very interesting.

  5. No es fácil captar imágenes de aves volando. Felicidades!

  6. I love that you did some research on the animal you photographed!

  7. Hola, esta foto me da una sensación de serenidad, de quietud, es como si me transporta dejando lindos recuerdos.

    Siempre te digo que tomas excelentes fotos...pero esta tocó todos mis sentidos de verdad.


  8. wonderful picture!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcome to mine.
    love and light